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The App

MiraQL is an Electron based, cross-platform desktop app designed to assist programmers by rendering graphical representations of GraphQL query responses and schemas, and providing a space for performance and speed metrics monitoring.

MiraQL is currently in beta. Please feel free to post any issues to our GitHub linked below. We welcome feedback, questions, and suggestions about our product. If you like our product, please star us on our GitHub page!


How it Works

GraphQL Playground

Users can submit API endpoints in the form of URLs

and test their queries and responses. Write and

submit queries in the input field to receive responses

or errors, and view them in the response and

errors tabs.

Final Feature 1.gif
Final Feature 2.gif
Easy Error Visualization

If your response returns any errors, head to the

errors tab to view them in an intuitive manner. View

the status, status code, error type, and error

message in an easy to read table.

Schema Visualization

Users can add in tables for a graphical representation

of all the schema’s fields and relationships that they can then refer to while writing or editing queries.

Final Gif Feature 3.gif
Final Feature 4.gif
Response Metrics Analysis

Go to the metrics tab to view data visualizations of

query response speeds. Compare the speed of your

most recent query to those of all previous query

requests made with MiraQL in a line graph that updates every time you submit a query.




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